We are here for you; doing everything and anything to make your wedding or event as  magic and memorable as you could possibly imagine.

Taormina Weddings are delighted to provide our clients with a complete and continuous support from the initial consultation, so that all necessary details are taken care of prior to the wedding day. We ensure everything will run smoothly so that you can just enjoy your big day.

We have many years of experience and about 1000 events  behind us (at least 700 being weddings). That has given us a huge well of experience to draw upon. Not only in dealing with vendors and venues, priests and photographers, legal paperwork and logistics, but also knowing how long time  things take, how much each aspect of the event will cost, what flowers are in season and what days you can expect traffic stocking.
Whatever you desire, need, dream of and are curious about, whatever style and mood you want, we will assist you in making all of it come true.

Of course we are organized timely and calm, have a great sense for decoration, a huge network and local knowledge but, what sets us most apart from other wedding and event organizers…something you only gain from years and years of experience…is:
”We don’t just know how to sail the boat on sunny days,  but also how to prepare for ruff weather”. – We can foresee possible obstacles in time and know how to resolve just about any situation.

And, very important, we will be on site during your wedding day, coordinating everything as decided with you.

Let's see how we can make your dreams come true.